After signing up with one of the top casino affiliate programs, you might wonder exactly how to start the process of earning casino affiliate commission and how to make maximum income from your affiliate program. You will need to plan an effective online marketing campaign, because affiliate marketing involves much more than just getting your link posted in as many places as possible. You can use a blog, social media, email newsletters and forum posting as part of your strategy.

The first thing you must do, before you start promoting, is to carefully read through the terms and conditions relating to the affiliate program you have just signed up for. Be sure you understand what you can or cannot do. Most affiliate programs do not allow the use of spamming or of any illegal activity in your affiliate marketing.


Ask Questions

If there is anything in the T&Cs you do not clearly understand, immediately contact your affiliate manager. Our casino affiliate programs come with a dedicated affiliate manager. Do not hesitate to ask for any specifics related to technical matters, and accept any help available for your online marketing campaign.


Get to Know Your Online Casino Partner

Spend a little time visiting your affiliate gambling site and get to know more about it. Even if you do not place a bet or play any casino games, you should at least be aware of what your acquired players can expect when they sign up with the site. Make a note of the main benefits for new members, such as the free spins or free bonus money added to their account upon making their first deposit. You will be in a good position to share what is best about the online casino and to discuss any casino games and slots that can be played there. Getting to know it from the player point of view will make your affiliate marketing so much easier. You can use your knowledge to create content for your email activities, blogging or article marketing campaigns.


Plan Your Affiliate Marketing Campaign

Your casino affiliate program should provide you with seasonal promotions and dates that tie in with gambling online and any relevant information on upcoming national and international events. You should also create your own calendar of events for use in your online marketing strategy. Add some ideas, based around each event, for articles, blog posts, social media shares and discussions in Internet gambling forums.


You will need to create plenty of content, or to purchase suitable content from freelance writers, because this is what will attract potential players to register with your affiliate casino or gambling site. Content can be anything from a blog post to an email newsletter.

If you are familiar with SEO, start a list of keywords and find suitable sites where you can use these and place your own affiliate links. If you don’t already know the importance of SEO and the use of keywords, you may need to learn the basics about search engine optimization first.


Affiliate Marketing with Your Own Blog

Creating your own casino blog is a good way to start promoting your affiliate links. Your blog should feature the sort of marketing material provided by all affiliate programs, such as banners, videos and images that will be hyperlinked to your affiliate tagged link. Start blogging (or pay someone to blog) by writing posts that provide helpful tips and strategies, and keep adding articles based around your calendar of events. Blog posts should be shared through social media networks and social bookmarking sites. You can request that a link to your blog is placed on similar blogs and on gambling websites. You can also promote your blog through some blogging networks – but check first to see whether or not gambling topics are allowed.

Search online for some big gambling forums and message boards. Look for a busy forum that allows registered users to feature a signature link. Affiliate links are not allowed in most forums, but a link to your own gambling blog will be acceptable.


Start Your Own Email Marketing Campaign

Either encourage your blog visitors to sign up for regular email updates, or purchase a list of people who have agreed to receive email newsletters connected with gambling. Then you can keep everyone on that list informed of special promotions and upcoming events, featuring your own affiliate links.


Increase Your Affiliate Income or Casino Affiliate Commission

When you have signed up to one of the casino affiliate programs it is necessary to remember that you’re not the only affiliate promoting that particular casino site. You are also competing for attention, against all other casino affiliates on the Internet. What you need to do, to stand out from the rest, is to gain a good reputation by networking and being interactive. Most people will sign up from your affiliate links when they see you are someone they can trust. Build yourself a good reputation in forums, on your blog, in social networks and at bookmarking sites. Stick to the rules and use those sites in the way they are designed to be used. Be genuinely helpful.


Good Luck!

The team